Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Natasha & Jeff

It's not easy to steal the spotlight from a bride on her wedding day, and most people wouldn't dream of trying. Harry, Natasha's cheeky Cocker Spaniel isn't most people though, and not content with making himself the centre of attention at home before the wedding, he turned up in the church in a splendid red bowtie. There really aren't enough dogs at weddings in Ireland, so it was great to have Harry as a special guest.
Natasha lives so close to the Church in Coolaney that she was able to walk to the ceremony. Jeff is a keen cyclist, and despite recently buying a high-end road bike recently that helped him smash his Tour of Sligo personal best, he swapped his lycra for a sharp suit and took a chauffeur driven car to the church.
After a stroll by the river in Coolaney, it was off to Cromleach Lodge. Groomsman James had been keeping a close eye on the weather, and satisfied that nothing was going to rain on our parade, he broke out the cigars.
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