Friday, July 6, 2012

Kathy & Deane

Kathy & Deane live in Grenada, so maybe the glorious year-round sunshine of the West Indies allows them to be more tolerant of West of Ireland climate than those of us who have to suffer it all the time. I conciously try to avoid going on about the weather on here, but this was something else. After rain all day, we took advantage of a clearance to head for the gardens in Lough Rynn. It was just the calm before the storm though, as we got caught in a thunderous downpour. It seems incredible, but the two photographs below were taken 9 minutes apart. Even through the storm, Kathy & Deane had a ball. From the first pic of the day when I got to her house, to the last, Kathy has a brilliant smile on her face, while Deane took everything in his stride. Kathy is a professional Irish Dancer and she can certainly jump - I'm not sure if that's a grand jete or a sout de chat she's performing, but only their legendary Best Man, Bad Brian, can rival her for height.

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