Monday, October 13, 2008

Orla & Ken

We've been friends with Orla for years, and we met Ken when they came back from New Zealand. It was a pleasure to photograph their wedding as well as being guests. The ceremony and reception were held in the beautiful Ballybeg House in the Wicklow Hills. The weather held up, the band were great, and Uncle Ernie was in fine voice. The camera was left behind for the following day's barbeque.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

New Arrivals and Old Faces

At the last count there were 26 birds and animals living with us here in Killaraght. The big excitement recently has been the arrival of the horses - Ardquinn Blondie (with Julie on board) and my man Pivo. Annie, the orphan kitten who turned up on the doorstep a few months ago, surprised us by delivering five very cute kittens very quickly. My brother Terry has just moved from Dublin to the country life too, and got Danté, a beautiful rough collie pup. They came to visit last week, and the presence of a blue-blooded pedigree-papered gentlemen left Ossie and Henry feeling very common.

More wedding pics to come over the next day or two.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Maura & Declan's Wedding

Maura and Declan got married in Knock recently. Unfortunately, the day was typical of this summer and it rained persistently. We'd hoped to go over to the Basilica gardens to take a few shots but the rain was sweeping sideways across the plaza. Nevertheless, we made the most of it and everyone had a great time back in the McWilliams Hotel in Claremorris.

I like the activity you always get in the Bride's house on the morning of a wedding , as people grab a cup of tea, finalise make-up, knot ties and try to get the kids ready.

Even the hardy Knock pilgrims were staying indoors -