Thursday, December 13, 2012

Siobhan & Ronan - The Landmark Hotel

Tulsk was abuzz with excitement as Siobhan & Ronan got married - they both grew there, so the entire place was involved in the celebrations. The local pub even had special signs made up for the big day, and became the focal point for the post-ceremony celebrations before everyone headed on to The Landmark Hotel for the reception.

Again we were fortunate with the weather, the morning in particular was bright & sunny, though things did take a turn for the worse later. Siobhan & Ronan's little son, Matthew was busy helping Mammy get herself ready for the wedding, checking her out in the mirror and making sure every little detail was was in place. Meanwhile Ronan and the lads were taking it easy in the sunshine - Sandy even got out for a quick pre-wedding walk.

After the ceremony, there was time for a quick one in O'Connors, before heading on to The Landmark to really get the party started.

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