Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Late Nite Radio

The best rock n'roll band west of the Shannon, Late Nite Radio are going from strength to strength. I've seen them a few times this year, and the set gets added to and the band get tighter every time. Their imaginative reworking and mixing of Every Breath You Take and Chasing Cars has been picked up by the radio stations and is getting some serious airplay. The lads are going places.

We did a few shots for their new website and merchandise (coming soon) last week. Donnacha, Ronnie, Donal & Dave landed in Boyle to the secretly-guarded location for the photoshoot. Once we'd cleared the area of the admiring fans who'd turned up, we were able to get going. The final "look" hasn't been decided yet, so I've had to hold back some good stuff from this public forum for now, but here are a few little teasers.

(Disclaimer - some of these have been pushed for an edgy look, so if your monitor isn't properly claibrated they may look a bit weird - sort your screen out!)

016_Late Nite Radio

023_Late Nite Radio

026_Late Nite Radio

027_Late Nite Radio

035_Late Nite Radio

034_Late Nite Radio

046_Late Nite Radio

051_Late Nite Radio

048a_Late Nite Radio

Monday, July 26, 2010

Annette & Ronnie

Annette came to meet me in the studio about a year ago, and one of the things she said was that she isn't too keen on cameras or doing any posing for pictures. That suits me fine as I don't do much in the way for formal shots anyway. I'm not sure what happened since then though, because Annette was quite the supermodel on Friday and worked the camera like someone who is in front of one every day, as you'll see below.

There was a big bridal party and lots of craic as we headed from Legga Church to the Kilmore in Cavan where Paul and Roisin took care of everyone. Eamon of Big Apple was on video duty, which always adds to the fun. The flowers were by O'Connor's, Denis from Davy Connell chaufferred the bride and groom, while the bridal party travelled in style in a stretch limo. The star service provider though was definitely Charlie, a beautiful 5 year old Friesian stallion, who brought Annette to and from the Church.












Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Brian & Amy II

With the partying done, there was a relaxed atmosphere in Lough Rynn Castle on Sunday with a chance for the guests of honour to rest and recover and before leaving Leitrim. After we did a few personal pictures, Brian & Amy were happy to be photographed with the photographer. Thanks to Alan Hanly, owner of Lough Rynn and Kilronan Castle Hotels, for taking the shot.

Everyone sang the parises of the Hotel and all the Staff, so major congratulations are due to Clement, Ciaran, Ruth, Olivia and all who were involved in the big event and helping it to be such a huge success.


Aughavas and Lough Rynn became the centre of media attention today as Brian O'Driscoll and Amy Huberman got married in Lovely Leitrim. I was very happy to be invited to photograph events at the church today. Security was tight, there was a big media presence and large numbers of the public gathered to wish the happy couple well. This wasn't a closed off celebrity-style wedding behind high walls - no deals with glossy magazines. Before the ceremony Brian mingled with the crowd who'd come to share in the excitement, and other well-known guests did likewise. As you'd expect there was plenty of glamour, with Amy stealing the show in a stunning Stephanie Allin dress from Myrtle Ivory, complemented by beautiful flowers from Josephine & Brendan of Calla Floral Design, who I've often worked with before.

There's no need to caption these pictures - I'm sure you recognise the faces. It's reassuring to see that even scoring Paris hat-tricks, winning Grand Slams, Triple Crowns, Heineken Cups, Captaining the Lions and generally being the best rugby player on the planet doesn't prevent a groom feeling just a little bit nervous on the morning of his wedding.

001Brian & Amy

014Brian & Amy

002Brian & Amy

003Brian & Amy

004Brian & Amy

005Brian & Amy

006Brian & Amy

13 Brian & Amy

007Brian & Amy

008Brian & Amy

009Brian & Amy

010Brian & Amy

011Brian & Amy

012Brian & Amy

Monday, July 5, 2010

Breda & Ger

I was back in The Landmark for the second time last week on Thursday for Breda & Ger's wedding. This was a Mayo-Longford rematch, but with no losers this time round, though I'm sure the Mayo contingent got more than a few reminders of Saturday's result. The day started in the beautiful village of Newtowncashel. I can definitely say that Breda was the best bride I've ever had for timekeeping. She was already in her dress when I arrived almost two hours before the ceremony, and would have arrived early at the church if allowed. It made for an easy, unhurried day with lots of time to relax and chill out in the Quarry Gardens and back at the hotel. With the warm day, several champagne bottles exploded on opening, with only Daniel in the hotel able to control his corks. A cracking day.











Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ciara & Thomas

You know it's a Sligo wedding when Ben Bulben rises up just behind the bride's garden hedge... Ciara and Thomas got married in the beautiful Sligo Cathedral, a venue I love working in for it's rich, vivid colours, opulent alter, and generous space.

After the ceremony, they travelled in style in a vintage Rolls Royce from Colm Spellman. and we stopped for a few minutes at the old gatehouse on the edge of Lough Key. Thankfully we avoided arrest for obstruction of a public highway, the local Gardai happy to turn a blind eye on the day that was in it.

As always, things were buzzing and cocktails flowing back at the Landmark. Joint best men Eamonn and Terence combined to deliver the most off-beat and hilarious speech I've heard in a long time. An excellent day with a great couple who made working with them a pleasure.