Sunday, July 22, 2012

Eilis & Breannain

The commmon perception of a Postmistress is an old grey-hair lady wearing glasses, who's probably a bit of a busybody and knows everyones' business. Well that's not the type of Postmistress the people of Ballisodare have. Eilis is young and dynamic and full of life. A well as running the Post Office, her & Breannain own the fine local pub, The Sally Gardens.

When I arrived, Eilis was being beautified by Celebrity make-up artist Ken Boylan, who regularly features on TV. Eilis is known to have impeccable, and sometimes expensive taste, so it was no surprise that her shoes were by Jimmy Choo, and her dress was a fabulous Maggie Sottero creation. I'll have to make sure she sees my new Classical album from Queensberry when she comes to view her pictures!

Breannain is a Kerryman, and there was a big delegation up from Dingle for the day. I'm almost sure there was a telegram from Funghi too. After the celebrations at Kilronan Castle, where The Camembert Quartet rocked the crowd, the party continued the next day with a barbeque in The Sally Gardens.
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