Thursday, July 26, 2012

Marcella & Martin

I already knew Marcella was going to be stunning on her wedding day, but I wasn't prepared for the fabulous dress & veil and the vintage hairstyle that supplied the finishing touches to her look. I don't think I'm allowed to tell you who designed the dress, but his name would certainly be familiar to any fans of Sex & The City. The sculpted bodice, dramatic bow and intricate lace detail might provide some clues for fashion fans.

Martin and his pageboy Tomás were cool and collected when I arrived at the church, not showing any of the nerves you sometimes see as the minutes tick by before the ceremony. He did opt for a pre-dinner brandy later, which suggested that the prospect of the speech might have been a little more daunting.

The gardens at Lough Rynn were in full bloom and looking splendid in the sunshine that stayed with us for most of the day. Eamon from Big Apple made the movie as I shot the stills. Just before I left, I switched my attention from the stars of the day to Martin's sister Mandy, who was keen to show me her "America's Next Top Model" moves, which she carried off beautifully. Speaking of America, Marcella & Matrin are living it up in Florida & The Caribbean right now, the lucky things....

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