Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Valerie & Graham

When Val & Graham first came to see me, we joked about capturing an urban chic feel in their photos. Having had a quick scan through them, I think we can say mission accomplished. I don't travel to Dublin very often, and haven't done a wedding smack in the heart of the city centre before, so I'd been looking forward to this one for a while. The day began out in Bohernabreena where Valerie was in Danielle Mahon's make-up chair when I arrived. Danielle is a specialist MAC make-up artist and was just back from a stint working in Los Angeles, though showing no signs of jet-lag after her spell with the Hollywood A-Listers.

Excitement was building at the Church too, as Graham, best man Sam, and Val & Graham's little boy Dylan waited for the bride's arrival. Dylan visited us in Killaraght last summer & Julie fell in love with him while she was bringing hm around to meet the ducks, hens, horses and the other creatures who live here.  He made a big impression again, as one of the stars of the day, leading the processional up the aisle perfectly.

After getting back to Fallon & Byrne we took a little wander out into the busy streets of Dublin 2. They presented a different challenge to the ones I'm used to - I don't get too many people walking between the camera and my couples in some of the more remote West of Ireland locations, but they were everywhere on Suffolk St, South William Street, Exchequer St, et al. People move with purpose and often didn't even notice that there was a newly-married couple wandering in their midst. That hustle and bustle added to some of the shots, but ones of the back of a French tourist's head or a pair of bankers crossing the road are immediate deletes. We stopped into The Lost Society for a glass of champagne too, a bar I didn't know. The city is always evolving and changing, and I spotted several new bars and venues that I hadn't seen before. After a capital city wedding, Val & Graham were heading off for a capital city honeymoon in Paris - as romantic a destination as you can get.













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