Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fiona & Graham - Lough Rynn Castle

One of the many pieces of corporate-speak that surfaced during the Celtic Tiger era was "Wake up & smell the coffee!" It was a the type of slogan slick young management consultants would throw out at Clients they were billing their services to at a rate of hundreds of €uro an hour. Probably while advising them to leverage their businesses and "sweat the assets". Thankfully, it had a different meaning in Lough Rynn last week, as the aroma of fragrant coffees wafted beyond the castle walls and across the grounds of the estate.  The reason? Graham's Dad, Eamon,  runs the high-end coffee company, JJ Darboven, and had a range on offer for the wedding guests. I tried a couple myself, and can vouch for their quality. I probably hadn't fully appreciated the importance of the creme on the top of a coffee before, but it definitely adds to the enjoyment.

Most Irishmen do appreciate the head on a Guinness though, and Graham was no exception, sampling one of Arthur's best before heading for the Church. His father-in-law-to-be, Michael, seems to be eyeing that pint very enviously. I don't think consumption of Guinness or coffee can cause joint swelling, but Fiona definitely had a job to slip Graham's ring on. Keen to make certain he was properly married, Graham made sure of it.

After the ceremony, we returned to Lough Rynn, taking a wander through the walled gardens. Everyone's spirits were high - the bridesmaids looked great in their unique colours, Graham was literally jumping with joy, while Best Man Munch, who showed no signs of nerves about his speech, certainly wasn't camera-shy as he strutted his stuff in front of the lens. His "I'm a Tiger!" look is one of the finest I've seen. I should also mention the man known to all as "Dapper Dave". Sartorially elegant and perfectly-coiffured, I couldn't publish his picture on such a public forum, as the flood of females eager to view would probably crash my server.

I'm hoping Graham & Fiona were sufficiently isolated on their Argentinian honeymoon that news of the finale of the Premiership didn't filter through. As an avid Manchester Utd fan, news of City's last-ditch winner could be enough to drive him to drink. Or very strong coffee at least.












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