Thursday, May 10, 2012

Laura & Adrian

We don't do many wedding fairs, but when we do, we meet a lot of people. So, often, you only get a couple of minutes to chat to them and afterwards it can all be a bit of a blur. Being much more organized than me, Julie sometimes jots down a couple of lines to remind us who was who for when we meet again.  There were just two words on Laura & Adrian's Enquiry form after we met in Lough Rynn - "Carrie Bradshaw". And indeed, apart from the fact that she's prettier and has a good 20 years on Sarah Jessica Parker, she does have all the looks, style & pzazz of the Big Apple. We do glitz and glamour in Bornacoola too!

On the morning of the wedding, Adrian & his band of merry men were chilling out in the beautiful home he more or less built single-handedly for himself and Laura. Their two dogs, Baby & Sally, were taking advantage of the Boss's absence to lounge on the couch.  Sally at least looks a little bit guilty about it. Meanwhile, apart from the faithful family dog watching and waiting quietly at the door, it was all hustle & bustle back at Laura's parents' house as hair & make-up was in full swing when I arrived.

So, a great-looking couple, warm Spring Sunshine, the colorful gardens at Lough Rynn, videographer of the year, Niall Magahy, alongside me. My favourites, Late Nite Radio provided the sounds. What more could I ask for? Nothing more really - some days are just like that - everything comes together. Appropriately, the tables were named for the feelings Laura & Adrian share for each other. No prizes for guessing which one was centre-stage.













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Laura & Adrian said...

John, we absolutely love the pics!! You were a pleasure to have capturing the special moments of our day & we cannot recommend you enough! Looking forward to seeing the rest of the photos.. ~ Laura & Adrian