Saturday, May 19, 2012

Annemarie & Damien - Glasson Golf & Country Club

I was off to Coosan Point on the banks of Lough Ree on Friday for Annemarie & Damien's wedding. Annemarie grew up in a beautiful upside-down house, with great gardens and a fabulous view across the lake, which is where we started the day. We ended it on the opposite shore, in the Glasson Golf & Country Club

While the bride is always centre of attention on the wedding day, there was another young lady who was attracting lots of notice - little Amelia was attending her first wedding, and enjoying every moment. Grandad John spent a distinguished career in the Defence Forces, but there's no doubt whose tune he's marching to these days.

A bright & sunny day always lifts the mood, and encourages people to linger in the churchyard and enjoy their pre-dinner champagne out in the gardens. It all added to the relaxed atmosphere as we arrived in style at the Country Club - the happy couple being chauffered in Damien's Dad Micahel's dashing Jaguar. After a little wander down on the golf course, it was time for dinner, where Annemarie made sure there'd be no stragglers, by enthusiastically joining in with the bell-ringing.  DSC_5173









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