Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Teresa & Stephen

A slight delay in posting pictures from Teresa & Stephen's wedding in Ballinagh and The Crover House Hotel, due to a mixture of being away for a few days, a couple of commercial jobs, as well as a wedding and a communion last weekend. However, it's full focus on wedding work for the rest of the Summer, and with a new super-computer arriving next week, all should be back on track.

At the moment, Teresa & Stephen are kicking back in the sunshine on a Caribbean Cruise, so thoughts of the dire weather we'd had in the run up to the big day will be far from their minds. There was a big storm forecast for the following day, which duly arrived, but the heavens smiled on them, and all we had to contend with were a few heavy showers. In between, the sun kept peeping out, casting some lovely light over the grounds of Crover House. I was in good company too, with Eamon from Big Apple Video filming events.

The moments before the bride arrives at the Church are always tense, and Stephen looked very thoughtful as he waited at the alter. There's quite a contrast in mood with the picture in the Church door as they salute their guests.

One of the highlights of the day were the speeches - the Baxter Brothers are eloquent and loquacious young men. Groomsman Ronan, in particular, delivered a comic routine worthy of Tommy Tiernan or Dylan Moran. Of course Stephen was the butt of most of Ronan's jokes, but he took it all in the spirit in which it was intended. Don't be surprised if you see young Ronan on your TV in years to come. Meanwhile, Niall made the most of Man United's 19th League title to lord it over the groom. I'm not sure he'd have been laughing quite so much watching Barcelona beating them on Saturday though....










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