Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Anne & Gerard

I was back in The Abbey Hotel for the second time in a week on Saturday. Anne & Gerry are pretty cool, unruffled customers - they only booked me a couple of months ago, but luckily I had the day free for them. When I spoke to them late last week though, things were pretty hectic and the pressure was on. Anne did a lot of the preparation work herself- she made the cake, and did all the flowers with her friend Jacinta - a great example to her Home Economics Leaving Cert Students.

When I popped into the church on my way to Anne's house it was already decorated with dozens of sunflowers, which also made up the bouquets. During his sermon, Fr Glennon spoke of the unforgettable sight of a vast field of sunflowers he'd seen in Turkey. When you added in the table decorations in the Abbey, there was probably a fair-sized field's worth used on Saturday, to great effect.

The day went smoothly and on schedule with only a brief hiccup when we tried to drive to the old Abbey Ruins instead of walking down from the hotel. After diversions into a couple of housing estates, we got sense, went to the Abbey, and strolled down. It's great to have different locations within a minute or two of the hotel - it adds variety and colour to an album - and as I mentioned last week, the mature trees in The Abbey gardens make great backdrops. Tom Grealy was as welcoming as always, and kept everything moving smoothly along until dinner was served.

Whan I met Anne & Gerry first, we were having a laugh about Gerry revealing his romantic side for the camera - well done Gerry, there's plenty of passion in the pictures!











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