Thursday, March 29, 2012

Paula & Patrick

There was a pretty cool & colourful retro theme to Paula & Patrick's wedding last Friday. Even the invitation had a vintage Americana look to it, while Paula herself was very striking with her vivid red lipstick, 20's hairdo, silver bow and beautiful Kathy De Stafford gown. It's just a pity then that the 15.05 Dublin to Sligo Express wasn't a big old black steam train instead of a sleek modern version. I still like the shot though, and the fact that the driver blew his whistle to acknowledge the newly married couple.

A quick stop in Paula's local in Ardagh was called for before we headed on to Kilronan Castle - her and chief bridesmaid Rosie seemed quite at home there - I'm sure they've had a few good nights in Lyons's. Patrick was happy to stand back and admire them until drinks were served.

The mood was good back at the reception in Kilronan, and as the guests were seated, we took advantage of a lovely evening to play with parasols and take a stroll around the grounds before dinner. Rosie wanted to know if she was the best bridesmaid I'd worked with - you were right up there Rosie! Paula & Patrick have travelled all over, and in the search for someplace neither of them have been to before, they're honeymooning in Nicaragua and Costa Rica. With the world becoming a global village I'm sure they'll be able to see this somewhere in Laguna de Perlas.










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