Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fiona & Seamus

This wedding certainly went off with a bang, as Donal & Gary from Rocket Pyrotechnics  put on a dazzling fireworks display on the lawns of Kilronan Castle after dinner on Saturday night. Though I was their neighbour for years, and even hand-fired a display with them once, I'd never photographed fireworks before. That's a technical challenge in itself, but I also wanted to picture Fiona & Seamus and the Castle in that context, so it meant compromising on the fireworks and using a remote-controlled speedlight.

Before the display though, there was the main event. And with Fr Brian Conlon in charge, the ceremony was always going to be a good show too. Fr Brian enters into the spirit of a wedding, mingling with the guests and keeping the tone celebratory. He was very taken with the bridesmaids' cobalt-blue dresses, and conducted the ceremony from his position in the pews, allowing Fiona & Seamus to take centre-stage. The Church was bedecked with 500 daffodils which Seamus and his family put together, while the bouquets were from Chantelle in Pure Flowers.

Then we had a procession of vintage cars out to Lough Key where we did a few pictures of the bridal party. Groomsman Keith was very enthusiastic for one particular shot, which almost got him in trouble with bridesmaid Therese, but all was well... I had Eamon from Big Apple alongside me again for the fourth time in seven wedding - we're beginning to feel like an old married couple ourselves!

The Elastic Band entertained everyone in the evening, the dancing kicking off with a nice piece of choreography from Fiona & Seamus for their first dance. Seamus' Dad Jack is a famous dancer, and I'm sure he was proud to see Seamus's smooth moves across the floor.













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Cool - Love the fireworks pictures!