Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fiona & Niall - The Abbey Hotel, Roscommon

A beautiful morning greeted us on Friday for Fiona & Niall's wedding, which was an extra relief to Fiona's Dad Michael, who had lovingly tended his garden for the occasion. He was bringing the Child of Prague in as I arrived, confident it had done its job. Indeed it had - the daffodils and primroses were in full glory in the Spring sunshine. Speaking of flowers, Niall's sister Jacinta did a great job on the bouquets and the Church with some really funky arrangements.

As the groom was nearby, I was able to visit both houses before the ceremony. Niall even had time to introduce me to his prize heifers - triplets from last year - though only two of them agreed to pose for the picture. The Sacred Heart Church in Roscommon Town provided a spectacular backdrop to the ceremony, and Simon Casey added to the atmosphere, with his singing from the pulpit resounding around the arches.

Then it was back to The Abbey Hotel for a warm welcome from Adrian & Elaine. We walked around to the old ruins where there was plenty of fun and games as we took a few shots of the bridal party. Thady Kavanagh was alongside me, filming discreetly. The top hats just had to be used as props, and I couldn't resist posting the comical shot of groomsman Ciaran below. He looks like one of Charles Dickens' villains. Niall looks more like Hugh Hefner in the next shot, surrounded by such a bevy of beauties - he looks pretty happy there. Who could blame him? Fiona & Niall are off to Mexico, California and Vegas for the next few weeks. Sounds like a fantastic way to round off the big day.













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