Thursday, July 28, 2011

Trudy & Gerard

Bit of a delay in posting these from last Friday week, but hopefully better late than never.... Trudy's house is in a beautiful setting on the slopes of a valley outside Ballymote, with colourful gardens that provided a nice backdrop to the pre-wedding photographs. Then it was off to Emlaghfad Parish Church, where Rev Adam Pullan was conducting his first Irish wedding since his posting from Wales a few months back. He got to grips with the local practices pretty well and all went very smoothly.

After the wedding, we had a stop in the grounds of John Mitchell's Abbey House, before continuing on to The Landmark Hotel. While the rain held off all day, there was a wicked wind blowing off the Shannon, whipping the red carpet off the ground. Always resourceful, Emma & Patricia found the perfect way of keeping it in place - sitting on it until the photo was taken!

Eamon from Big Apple Video was alongside me for the second week in a row and, as always, contributed to the fun and banter on the day. As the evening brightened up, we even had time for a quick stroll on the boardwalk across from the Hotel before dinner.












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