Thursday, July 28, 2011

Laura & Cathal

It was a Reynolds Clan special last Friday with bride Laura, yours truly doing the photography, and Eamon from Big Apple on video - though none of us are related. I knew this one was going to be good craic, as both Laura and Cathal are outgoing, fun characters. I managed to cross the border from Laura's home in Cloone to Gortletteragh and make it back in one piece, to get to the lads beforehand. This is a real case of love across the barricades, as the local rivarly between the two clubs is very strong. The fact that Cathal is one of Gortletteragh's major stars, only heightens the drama. There's already some dispute over who young Jack will declare for in the future, though Cathal claims to have registered him for the green and gold.

We stopped by the lake at Aghnacliff for a wander on the boardwalk on the way to The Cavan Crystal Hotel. As Davy Connell's limo was pointing in the wrong direction, Laura hopped into my jeep to pop into PJ Hourican's to powder her nose. The Friday afternoon locals watching the horseracing were delighted to see a beautiful bride arriving in to add a bit of glamour to the place. They'd have been very happy to keep her there longer, but we had an urgent appointment elsewhere.

On to the hotel, where we were met by Riona, then dinner and speeches. Laura & Cathal aren't going on honeymoon for a few weeks yet. I think it might have something to do with Championship season. Laura might have more than one reason for wanting to see Gortletteragh go out early this year....












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Caroline Quinn said...

Lovely Pictures ~ Can't wait to see the album :)