Monday, July 4, 2011

Deirdre & Seamus

For a photographer, the drive down the N59 from Westport to the lovely Rosleague Manor in Letterfrack on a wedding morning is difficult. The temptation to pull over and take pictures of the stunning scenery is very hard to resisit. However, I managed it, and arrived in Rosleague just as Seamus was suffering a minor crisis after breaking one of his specially-commissioned wedding cufflinks. Luckily, the craftsman who made them is based in Clifden and rode to the rescue in jig-time.

Back at Kate's Cottage, Deirdre's Dad James was alone - the Doyle Girls were all still in the Beauticans - so we jumped in the car and popped up to see what was happening. Once all the make-up and mascara was applied, it was back to the cottage to change before heading for the Church. Deirdre's dramatic pink shoes turned a few heads on the day - for my fashion-concious readers, they were by Kurt Geiger.

After the ceremony, we had a wander on the picturesque deserted beach in Tullycross and a quick stop on the pier for some photographs. Then it was back to Rosleague, where Mark Foley welcomed everyone with champagne and oysters. The day was beautiful, and the everyone gathered on the lawn to socialise in the sunshine. Seamus had carried out extensive research in selecting the wines for dinner and was kind enough to give me a bottle of it to bring home. After the long drive back from Connemara, I was happy to crack it open on Saturday night. I can confirm that he has excellent taste in reds, and the Chateau Remaury 2009 Grande Reserve was very good indeed.

I should point out that Deirdre's mother Helena made the wedding cake below. The only significant absentee from the wedding was Deirdre & Seamus's Wheaten Terrier, Belle, who was in the kennels for a day or two. She did send a text though, and she is coming to the studio to view the pictures in a few weeks time...












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