Saturday, August 31, 2013

Kara & Myles - Solis Lough Eske

I've been up on the High Road at Rosses Point a few times before and it always seems to have a little micro-climate of its own - usually mistier and windier than anywhere else around. It was kind to Kara and Myles though - we got a few dry minutes, which is just as well, because by the time we reached Lough Eske in Donegal, the rain had settled in for the evening. They were well-married as the ceremony was conducted by Bishop Brendan Kelly, who is Myles' uncle. Kara was gorgeous in a beautiful dress by Irish designer, Patrick Casey, while Myles' braces were very dapper indeed. Bridesmaid Hilary was outnumbered by Groomsmen Tutts & Alan, but was more than a match for them on the day.

Blog Collage-Kara & Myles

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Anonymous said...

Great photos John. You made the day all the more special with your calm professionalism and bonhomie. Many thanks.