Monday, April 8, 2013

Sarah & Nathan - Lough Rynn

I'm pretty sure Sarah decided to book me before she'd even looked at any of my sample albums, because when she and Nathan first came to the studio, they were met at the gate by the three dogs, a mish-mash of chickens, ducks and turkeys, and a selection of cats & horses not far behind. Sarah loves her animals - she was reared with dogs and birds - her Mum Mary is one of Ireland's leading dog groomers, and is very proud of Picasso, her talking Macaw. Sarah & Nathan's black cat, Jones, is such a pampered pet that he even made it onto the wedding cake with them.

As everyone was getting ready in Lough Rynn, I was able to meet the boys before they headed off to the church. Once Tony the Groomsman had finished getting his hair just right, we headed down to the bar, where Nathan had a quick bottle of his Sponsor's product. Back with the girls, Jim Hatton was applying finishing touches to the hair and dispensing vital advice on veil & dress management before we all got ready to leave.

The Bermuda Triangle is famous, but there is a lesser-known danger zone between Mohill & Aughavas, that can lure the unfamiliar traveller off-course and leave them stranded and lost. This is what happened to Sarah's bridesmaids. We were all surprised to see Sarah arriving at the Church first, having set off 10 minutes behind them. SOSs were issued, calls were made, search parties sent out, but no trace was to be found. Eventually, news filtered through of a possible sighting of three glamourous girls in blue, 10 miles away in Drumlish, Co. Longford. The rescue services were scrambled, and before too long we were all reunited and ready to walk up the aisle.

The Walled Gardens at Lough Rynn are always a great backdrop for photos, and in the warm Spring sunshine they were perfect. There was a little reshuffling in the order of the bridal party, as Stephen got protective over his new wife Laura-Kate. With 4 groomsmen to 3 bridesmaids, he wasn't willing to leave her in the hands of Tony & Colm. And with Tony's reputation for sweeping the ladies off their feet, who could blame him?

As Pamela led Sarah & Nathan into the rugby-themed reception room, the atmosphere was as lively as a Heineken Cup Final. Though his beloved Leinster didn't make it this year, this match with Sarah must have made up for it for Nathan. I'm sure he'll be delighted for Munster yesterday too, as he soaks up the Mexican sunshine....

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