Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Carmel & Joe - Mill Park Hotel

What do you do if on the morning of your wedding you wake up to a hurricane outside, and the news that most of the northern half of the country is under snow? And your reception is in Donegal? And you're being driven the hour-long drive to the hotel in a vintage Ford Anglia with no heating? Well, if you're Carmel & Joe, you take it all in your stride and enjoy the day regardless of the weather. It may as well have been 30 degrees for all the difference it made to their fun and appreciation of the day. We even stopped and went for a stroll along the banks of Lough Mcnean in Garrison. We all agreed that, with the possible exception of Antarctica, it was the coldest place on the planet that day, but you wouldn't tell from the photos, as everyone visualised summer sunshine.

Of course, they breed them hardy around Ballinaglera & Dowra. It's beautiful, mountainy country and no doubt you get used to wind & rain. I've done quite a few weddings there now and have always enjoyed them. Last year at Carmel's sister Catiriona's wedding, we were able to take sunny hots down by the lake at their home place. That wasn't an option this time round unfortunately. While I photographed the girls' preparations, Ger was with the boys as they got ready and headed for the Church. Fr Sean Mawn conducted the ceremony with his usual good humour and grace, and then it was into the Anglia and off to Donegal. As Joe said when thanking Tommy in his speech, "slow & steady wins the race"!

Once we got to the Mill Park, Ger got busy putting the after-dinner slideshow together, while we took shelter in the bridal suite, where there were roses strewn dramatically across the bed. Joe was tempted to take one between his teeth and solemnly declare his love for Carmel, and maybe if I wasn't there he would have. He did make it clear in his speech a little later just how much she means to him. The meal ended with a lively song and dance routine from some of the hotel staff, which was a nice warm-up for the entertainment to come from Brian McDermott & his Band.

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