Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentina & Declan - Broadhaven Bay

They say it never rains but it pours, and on Valentina & Declan's big day it didn't just pour - the rain whipped in sideways with such ferocity that umbrellas were useless. Still, when you set your big day for January, you're prepared for the worst, so it didn't dampen the spirits in the least. Valentina's house was buzzing with excitement and preparations. Bridesmaid Noelle was taking it all in her stride though - she even had a little nap after she was finished with the hairdresser.

In contrast, Declan was pacing the floor, and might have been looking just a little bit nervous when I arrived at the Church. He was in good hands with his Groomsmen though, who kept the craic going all day. "Bull" in particular played a blinder, and took all the slagging in good spirits. After the ceremony, we decided to take on the weather, and stopped off at a nearby country house. With it's long avenue, there was a touch of Downton Abbey about the place. Thouugh we made a brave attempt, the rain beat us and we couldn't even manage a single shot of the bridal party together outside, apart from the chaotic one below.

By the time we reached Belmullet, the wind was roaring in off the Atlantic, so we were very grateful for the warmth and hospitality provided by David Tyrrell, who busily escorted many of the guests in from the storm outside. Niall from Complete Weddings was alongside me - we were both soaked and so was our gear. I had to switch cameras after water effected the flash contacts - luckily I carry four to every wedding, so always have back-up for the back-up.

The Bridal Suite is always the last refuge for the photographer when the weather goes badly wrong, and the one in the Broadhaven Bay is perfect for the job, with lots of space for an eight-member bridal party, photographer, videographer and lights. The it was down to dinner, which kicked off with a very nice set of speeches, including one from the star of the show, Valentina herself.

Valentina & Declan Blog Collage

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