Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tara & Colm

If you ever find yourself in West London and in need of a pint, take a little wander down Putney Bridge Road to The Hop Pole, where Colm & Tara run a very welcoming establishment. I'd say it was pretty quiet on their wedding day, as there was a big delegation of locals from the pub over in Ballygar for the weekend.

Denise from the Radisson had arranged for Tara & Colm to arrive at the hotel in stlye by boat, which was a new one to me. We had a tight deadline to make sailing time, so we had a brisk drive from Athleague where we'd stopped to take a few pictures. The two chauffeurs must have a history of either track racing or driving getaway cars, based on our journey down. They certainly enjoyed the two 5-Series BMWs. Colm's brother Sean is a member of the Garda Traffic Corps - he was in the car behind me, and I suspect he may have noted a few names & numbers.

After docking, everyone got to relax on the patio garden overlooking the Shannon in the glorious evening sunshine before dinner. From my experience, they're pretty strict on closing time in London Pubs, but I suspect the resident's bar in the Radisson got a right old rattle into the early hours.










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