Monday, October 15, 2012

Josephine & John - Kilronan Castle

Josephine was the first of three weddings I had in a row where the bride works in the beauty business. Josephine is with Enhance, and Grainne, the owner, was doing her make-up when I arrived. Grainne did the make up for all three of the beauticians, which obviously says a lot about how she's rated in her industry.

Joesphine wasn't the only one to be pampered in the run up to the wedding either. You often hear it said that "It's all about the bride!" but Josephine was happy to share the spotlight, not just with John, but with Theo, their beautiful black labrador retriever, who had been brushed and groomed to a fine shine and was sporting two blue bows for the big day. There's no doubt Theo is a very pampered pooch.

John runs the successful Pro-Trans logistics operation with his brothers, and I met the lads at the depot on the morning of the wedding. I wondered if they'd arrive at the Church in an 18-wheeler, but it turned out to be one of Davy Connell's limos.

After dinner, the guests were treated to a fireworks display outside Kilronan Castle, courtesy of Joesphine's mother Joanie. There's nothing like the noise & colour of a good fireworks show to put a smile on people's faces. Then it was time for dancing to the sound of Gobsmacked, who had the crowd on the floor as I slipped off home.














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