Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Karen & Mark - 12th August, The Landmark Hotel

I have had an incredible run in 2011 - 28 weddings and not a single one rained off, despite the iffy weather we've experienced all year. It looked as though I was about to come unstuck on No.29 though, as the forecast was dire, and I drove to Arva in dismal conditions. They continued throughout the day, it rained cats & dogs at the Church, we got drenched in Drumsna, it was lashing as we arrived at The Landmark. Brian Duignan on video had cleverly brought his "Mac in a Sac", but I had no shelter from the storm. And then, just before dinner, the sun appeared. Not for long, but it gave Karen & Mark the chance to have a stroll along the boardwalk at the Shannon, and kept my run going for another while.

Karen was very cool about the weather, and took almost everything in her stride. The only thing that panicked her for a moment was when the pre-ceremony bottle of champagne was opened with a bang. You can see the cork in mid-air, but I think it's on it might actually be on its way back down after hitting the ceiling. Karen's Dad Michael looks pretty cool about it all, as he also does walking down the aisle, greeting friends in the congregation as he goes.

Mark is a sound man, with good taste in beers - all the tables were named after beers of the world - the top table was Pilsner Urquell. Sadly, he doesn't have such good taste when it comes to football. As an Everton supporter, I had to call on every ounce of professionalism to photograph the group of misguided lads below.

The happy couple are off to Bali and Australia for their honeymoon, which will be briefly interrupted for Karen to conduct an interview with NUI Maynooth while they're away. A Scientist, she's currently doing research in Oxford University, but Maynooth is a lot closer to home and to Cartron House where Mark is the head greenkeeper. He has obviously impressed some of the users of the course as among the messages of congratulations was one from the Irish Rugby side, signed by Paul O'Connell, Brian O'Driscoll, Declan Kidney and the rest of the squad. One to keep.













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Anonymous said...

Wow, loving the photos John, we think you have done a great job in capturing the moments that truly represented the day that it was. We can't wait to see the album. All the best from beautiful Bali:)
Mark and Karen xoxo