Monday, August 8, 2011

Celine & Liam

Celine likes her photography - she was originally going to book her neighbour Mark Capilitan, but he was already doing a wedding in my hometown of Carrick, so I went to his, in Strandhill. Mark kindly tipped me off as to where to get the nice view of Benbulben too. The brief was to do what I try to do at every wedding, be as unobtrusive as possible, get lots of natural pictures, and spend a little while taking some portraits. The people who book me don't want to spend a couple of hours posing for elaborate fashion-magazine type shots, they want the day to be captured in a freer, more relaxed way.

And the mood was very relaxed in Celine's when I arrived - Ann Young was busy helping the girls look even more beautiful, and everything was on schedule. Then it was on to the Church in Strandhill, which has recently been renovated, by Celine's Dad, Brendan. And a fine job he did on it too, as you'll see below.

For the second day in a row I hit the beach, but this time we avoided the crowds. Rain threatened, but didn't really materialise. Given the terrible forecast for rain all day, the gods were obviously smiling on Celine & Liam. Back at The Sligo Park the crowd were buzzing - Caroline Clancy was capturing everything on video - and Avril, Keith and the lads from Dej√° Groove kept the dancefloor full for the night. Again, I'm a bit late with this one - this is the busiest time of year for me - but as it happens, today is a special day too, so Happy Birthday Celine! Enjoy those cocktails in Mauritius....












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Mark Capilitan said...

Good idea going to culleenamore john...must quieter there than main strandhill beach!
Nice looking wedding!