Monday, May 2, 2011

Sandra & Ray

After my away-day on Thursday, I was very much at home on Friday for Sandra & Ray's wedding in Boyle and The Landmark. I'd photographed Sandra's sister Joan's wedding for IWP four years ago, so I knew some of the characters involved. It was great to see Joan & Gerry's son Donnacha acting as the page boy, though his little sister Roisin is still a bit too young to be a flower girl. That honour fell to Martha Kate, who loved the flower basket Norma Duignan made for her, and carried it around all day.

St Joseph's is an unusual church in that it is really bright with loads of natural light, which makes photographing the ceremony easy. Afterwards, we had a stroll through the grounds of John Mitchell's beautiful Abbey House, which he had kindly given me permission to use for a nominal fee. (I'll buy you that pint Wednesday in Lavin's John). Then it was off to The Landmark with a quick stop in Derreen Woods along the way.

After an hour or so mingling with the guests at the drinks reception and enjoying the trad session, there was time for a wander round the boardwalk in the evening sunshine. I caught the start of the next-day party in Daly's on Saturday, and everyone was gearing up for another great night. It was tempting to stay and party, but I must be getting old and sensible....












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