Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Killaraght Crew

It's been a long time since I posted anything other than weddings here, which is something I'd like to change over the coming months. One of the things I've discovered about running a fairly new business is that there's always something more important to do than to wander out and take some photographs for pleasure. Of course, looking after a menagerie of creatures, playing regular football, and trying to get the gardens back in shape after another tough winter all take up a bit of time too.

So the other Sunday as we sat outside in the late evening sunshine I grabbed the camera for 10 minutes and had a walk around. The light quality was great, as we were in the middle of that beautiful spell of weather which seems to have ended now. The apple blossom was out, and the birds and animals were content.


Most of my brides and grooms will have met Ted by now. He always likes to check out visitors and show off to them. Many who didn't will have seen him on The Late Late Show. He has also been appointed as The Boyle Celtic Legends official mascot.


Ted's wife Hattie is quite a character - she has an extraordinary range of sounds - whistles, clicks, shrills, shrieks and contented little warbles. On warm days when the studio doors are open she often wanders in to check how the work is going or have a little snooze.


Pivo makes it quite clear that he's more interested in getting his hard feed than having his photo taken after a long day in the fields.


After the Arctic temperatures of December there have been lots of casualties - cracked pots and dead plants. All three of the eucalyptus trees are goners, even one which was over 20 feet high.


Lulu on the prowl


Lily Allen caught redhanded eating the flowers - again.


Tess has calmed down a little bit, but if she doesn't get at least one good walk a day there's trouble..... One of my grooms for next year, Martin,was the youngest ever winner of One Man & His Dog. I'd like to see what he could do with Tessie.


When the pond ran dry in the heat, Digby & CJ insisted on their own paddling pool.


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Anonymous said...

My "deepest" sympathy on the death of Ted. I heard the sad news through the grapevine. So glad that I met Ted one evening. Must meet up next time when in Ardsoran. Frank Conry