Monday, October 18, 2010

Yvonne & Matt

Well, it was quite a weekend, with two weddings either side of a Late Late Show appearance. It kicked off in Knock on Friday with the Yvonne & Matt show. I met them both back on New Year's Eve at Angela & Padraig's wedding, and knew this one was going to be fun. Anytime you have a dozen or more rugby-playing, kilt-wearing Scotsmen gathered in one place, you know it'll be lively. And this one certainly was.

Rain interrupted play on a couple of occasions, but we were fine between the showers. The day started in Ali's Turkish Barber Shop in Ballyhaunis where Matt, Stuart and Fraser were having some very close shaves indeed. After that, I headed straight for The Beauty Spot in Knock where the girls were having their make-up done. Yvonne and Aine got a sneak preview of the Calendar that's sweeping the nation there, and then we got down to the serious business of the day.

The ceremony was in the Church of St John the Baptist, Knock, and as usual, both before and afterwards streams of pilgrims wandered amongst the guests admiring the happy couple. I wonder what they made of Matt's Highland Fling in the Church doorway as Pat the piper blasted out Scotland the Brave? Speaking of which, I'm certain the lads in the kilts below were roaring "Remember Bannockburn!" as I clicked the shutter on that shot. Late Nite Radio rocked the joint, nearly taking the roof of with their AC/DC closing number. Yvonne and Matt are back in Aberdeen for a couple of days this week and then it's Mexico here they come.....












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