Thursday, January 24, 2008

Party Pics

It was Julie's 40th birthday last weekend and we had a bit of a bash to celebrate. While it wasn't exactly a surprise party, she didn't know too many of the details beforehand. There was a great turnout of friends and family, and it was especially good to see people we hadn't caught up with for a while. With all the preparations I forgot to charge the camera battery, so here are just a few from the night. Thanks to all in Brunos, John & Chris in Henrys and Joey and John in the Leitrim Marina Hotel for looking after everyone and helping to make it a great night.

James Wycombe put together a fine bunch of musicians to get the feet tapping.

On their showing on Saturday, these two should be in the Riverdance troupe -

It was the first night my Da has been out for a few months, but it'll be hard to keep him in now after his triumphant return.

Have you seen this man? Reward offered.


Suzanne said...

Hey John,

Your wife is beautiful, (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!) and your photos capture the celebration in such an intimate and charming way. Thank you for the invite!

If you have time, please go to my blog and click on 1-Land-1-Site or go to my current post, click on comments, then page down to Floots and click on his name. He wrote a poem you must read. Please hurry because I was actually writing to you about a previous poem he'd written about his cat, it was amazing, but it's gone. I realize he writes then erases. How tragic. Hurry before it's gone. I'm obviously not a professional photographer, but I've spent hours and hours in a dark room at UCLA and in high school, and am familiar with what Floots has captured in words. You and your photographer friends will enjoy this.

I'm going to email as well, just to alert you to Floots blog. Hurry. I think his poems stay up for only a few days.

Hope to hear from you soon regarding the photos.

Much love,

stephen said...

Hi John
What a great web site your pictures are amazing, well done. your wife is beautifull but your not a bad looking catch yourself!!

Look forward to hearing from you soon regarding the photos.
Kind Regards
Cat & Steve