Monday, June 24, 2013

Louise & Michael - Lough Rynn

I knew Louise & Michael's wedding was going to be good craic, and that was before I'd even met the bridal party, who were even madder and wilder than I'd been told. Best man Mark was giddy giddy, all out, and by the end of the day I'm sure he definitely did need a lie down. He's a great man for the catchphrase, which has left one of Michael's mates forever known as Kitty.

This was the second time Louise & Micheal have married. The first time, they swept the prizes at the Ballinamore Festival with their take on My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. This time round, they had a very classy affair, with Lough Rynn hosting the reception. Magpie, Louise's horse came home for the wedding, while Buttons the terrier appointed himself as photographer's assistant for the morning. There was a surprise appearance from the Aughnasheelin Girls Football team, complete with bubbles, and the weather stayed fine until seconds after the last outdoor photo was taken.

One Wedding, the Proverb says, begets another - Dave from Emo, I'm waiting for your call! Louise & Domo - enjoy Zanzibar!

Louise & Domo Blog Collage

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Aoife Cleary said...

Fabulous photos John! Thank you so much for making the day photography part of the day so much fun. We were all so at ease around you and it really shows in your pictures. You are so amazingly talented at what you do and an absolute pleasure to be around. Dave from Emo has your business card safely stored away, expect a call... in about ten years time!! Keep an eye on your FB page too...they're may be a photo of the photographer appearing soon ;)