Monday, September 10, 2012

Tara & Will

It was an All-American Affair at Tara & Will's wedding in Cloghan Castle, with a gathering of guests from New Jersey, San Diego, Chicago & beyond. In the US tradition, the wedding took place much later then we're used to in Ireland. Whereas Brides & Grooms go to great lengths to avoid seeing each other here before the ceremony, in the States it's common to meet beforehand, with a formal "first-look". Tara took Will's breath away as she emerged from the Castle in her beautifully detailed lace dress.

This was a relaxed and fun wedding, everyone was open, warm and friendly. Will & best man Dan had a ball, fooling around and having a laugh - even during Tara's romantic portrait session. As Will himself said, when you survive two bullets from Al-Queda, you tend to gain a positive outlook on life afterwards.

The ceremony was lovely and intimate, and concluded with a Celtic ritual where all the guests cast a pebble into the lake on the Castle grounds and made a wish for the happy couple. Then it was on with the partying, which was due to carry on for a few days, before everyone headed up the rocky road to Dublin for the Navy v Notre Dame game. Unfortunately, that one didn't go quite as well for Will, with Navy going down heavily to the Fighting Irish.


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