Thursday, September 15, 2011

Deirdre & Gene

A nice local one for me next, just down the road to Croghan, across the N4 to Cootehall, and then up the mountain to Cromleach Lodge. There were two dogs at Deirdre's House, one old and friendly, and the younger chap below. One of Deirdre's aunts told me he was grand, a typical bark-worse-than-bite dog. So I went over to say hello. Big mistake, as he went ballistic. Deirdre's Dad Padraig appeared, and said the dog would "eat me without salt". I decided to retreat and leave it til another day to try my Cesar Millan techniques.

Fr Brian conducted the ceremony with his usual good humour and style, sitting in the congregation and letting the bridal party take the spotlight front and centre. After that, we got down to Lough Key for a few photos before heading on to the hotel where Nicholas & Christy provided the usual warm Cromleach welcome and the party began.








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